[Video]What is The Sound of 10 Cats Eating?


There’s a Zen thought exercise that asks, “What’s the sound of one hand clapping?” Contrary to what that old Simpsons episode might contend, it’s supposed to be a question with no certain reply.
On the other hand, we dhttp://www.mycatlady.com/videowhat-sound-10-cats-eating/o know exactly what the sound of 10 cats is, and it’s an incredible mixture of entrancing and adorable.
A month ago, we looked from Japanese YouTube user 9 Cats, which, just as advertised, featured nine cats. Recently his screen name was changed by 9 Cats in recognition of the hottest person in the household, the two-week-old kitten Osamu to 10 Cats.

What is The Sound of 10 Cats Eating2 With 10 meowing mouths to feed, dinner time is a sight to see in the 10 Cats home, and you could say it’s also a sound.

The symphony of smacks, slurps, and clicks takes on a rhythmic quality, as Lulu, Musashi, Osamu, Kojiro, Michelle, Mu, Taro, May, Maru, and Mi-ke are almost completely focused on their dishes.

▼ We say “almost altogether” because of Kojiro here.

What is The Sound of 10 Cats Eating3

If you’re not an animal lover, the collection would probably work well as relaxing white noise, and of sounds is surprisingly soothing.

▼ You might want to move Osamu. Why?

What is The Sound of 10 Cats Eating4

▼ Because…

What is The Sound of 10 Cats Eating5

Cute as it may be to observe, it ca’t be easy to set out food for 10 cats that are distinct. Nevertheless, there’s at least one upside to the scenario: With all these diners, there’s always someone prepared to polish off the leftovers.

What is The Sound of 10 Cats Eating6