The Older Cats Protects The New Cat When Earthquake Hits


Here’s a heartwarming video that might just make your day. In it, a white male cat is shown nipping away at a tiny kitten who’s a new accession to the household and intimidating. Halfway through the video, nevertheless, an earthquake hits and the scared white cat reveals a complete and sudden change of heart.

The Older Cats Protects The New Cat When Earthquake Hits2
It can be hard introducing a brand new pet to the family, particularly when it’s your current pets and a rambunctious kitten are set in their ways and a little older.

At one point, pull and the owner has to intercede the kitten away from the jaws of the white kitty.
However, when an earthquake hits at the 2:30 mark, everything shifts. The white kitty that is panicky places a protective paw over the kitten that is snoozing and remains on high alert. He then licks on the kitten protectively when the little tyke wakes up.

See the whole video here to view how the white kitty gets a complete personality change when he thinks his small buddy’s in risk!View the sweet video here
Aww, that’s the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while! Possibly the white kitten’s going to make a great cat uncle all things considered!