[Video] Cat Cross the Road to Help An Old Lady Out


At MYCATLADY, we adore anything cat related. We’ve brought you cute cats, insane cats, clever cats, cats that were chunky and cuddly cats. Because nothing makes us feel warm and fuzzy than a cat doing a good deed now we bring you a considerate cat! A video camera installed inside a car captured on film the most considerate cat we seen as it direct an old lady across a road. Have a look at the auto cam footage after the leap.

But caught it here’s the footage of a cat and was guiding an old lady across the road!

The way the cat ceases to check on its aged owner to make certain she’s keeping up and then walks is simply the best! That pawse truly made our hearts melt down!

Cat Cross the Road to Help An Old Lady Out2

Japan is a nation known for its generous and warm hospitality by its citizens, and it seems that Japan’s cats are equally as thoughtful.

We believe this must be the most chivalrous cat. Whilst their pet normally walks across the road, its owner is being walked by this friendly feline. And we’re definitely happy that this grandma made it to the other side thanks to this kindhearted kitten.