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One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel2
One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel


Easy assembly and open design so cats can enter from either side; roller blade wheel covers now included
48″ diameter wheel protects cat’s back and 10″ running tread provides space for feline footing
It is made of recycled plastics, yet is sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around
Run surface is made from EVA foam to prevent claws from catching and allows cat to run naturally
Can be cleaned by spraying it with a hose or wiping it down with a wet towel

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Product Description

It’s good for cats to get some sort of workout and changing it up to keep them interested is important. There are many ways to keep your cat lively, giving them access to energetic companions, making a play session part of their day, and/or offering them tempting exercise equipment for use when you’re not at home…that’s why we came up with “One Fast Cat” cat wheel.

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