[Photos] Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying


So we’ve formerly seen the fluffy Pomeranian who got an Attack with its very own handmade cardboard 3D maneuver equipment and sassy Recon Corps cloak. Watch as the puppies steal the limelight and are cat owners going to sit back?
Check out these itty bitty kittens dressed up as well-known film characters!
These fabulous feline cosplay photographs were’t shot to challenge canines that are cosplaying to put things directly. They were taken for a greater cause; to help these kittens locate houses that were new.
A photographer in Texas, Wendy McKee, has been incredibly fated. In a interview with TODAY.com, she said that “My house is apparently the area that people drop off cats they do’t desire anymore.” It got to some point when she was sheltering about 15 cats, including some newborn kittens, and that when she determined that she needed to help her furry pals ’s locate new, forever homes.
As part of the adoption campaign, she came up with this brilliant chain of kitty cosplays inspired by characters from her favorite shows, and set her nifty fingers and creative brains to work!

▼ Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)
Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying2 Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying3
▼ Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying4 Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying5 ▼ The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying6 Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying7
▼ Wendy said that Gandalf was her favourite shoot up to now. This kitten was born without eyes, and she was reminded by its fluffy gray coat of Gandalf the Grey.
Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying8 Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying9 ▼ Frodo (The Lord of the Rings)

Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying10 ▼ Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)

Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying11

▼ Princess Leia (Star Wars)
Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying12
▼ According to Wendy, the most demanding part to make was the wig, which she made by hand-stitching, braiding, and then sticking pieces of yarn to small pieces of felt of the same shade.
Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying13 Seven Cats Cutest Kitty Cosplaying14 Anyone who has had a cat would understand that cats are’t the most concerted models about, particularly when costumes are involved. But thanks to her attempt and artsy gift, a few of these cats are on their way to new homes. Wendy has also said that she’s intending to continue creating these adorable images to promote adoption for as long as she can.
If you’re meaning to get a pet, do the cosplaying that is small kitties a favor before making a beeline for the pet store and take a look at your local animal shelter!