Melt Away Stress By Observing Cool Cats Relaxing In Hammocks


Hey guys, how’s it hanging? This cutesome twosome ca’t get enough in their new kitty hammock!
Oh, to be a cat! Chin scritches and canned tuna on tap, no bills to pay, no work to do, only never-ending ecstasy that is slothful. Pretty much all a cat needs to do to earn its keep is be sometimes caring, and fluffy, pleasantly plump. Think of all the work dogs have to do – all that booty sniffing, trick-learning, and stick fetching! Really, the market has been cornered by cats on having a cushy life. And these particular pampered pusses have us stuck midway between envy and adoration!
When this cute kitten hammock was purchased by Twitter user kokonananya due to their feline overlord, they were expecting to be met with a cute scene like the one on the carton. Her puss seemed to favor using the hammock as a form of body swing!
Melt Away Stress By Observing Cool Cats Relaxing In Hammocks2 Although it appears that puss got the hang of things.

And no great kitten worth their salt would ignore the best part of a person’s materials offering – the box!

Melt Away Stress By Observing Cool Cats Relaxing In Hammocks4

This hammock’s powerful enough for two! Purrfect for those communal rests.

Hmm, we think it’s a great way to keep ’em off your computer keyboard, at least… so ? Order one cat hammocks for your cat from amazon now ? click here , hope your kitty enjoy it .