DIY Wild Cat Cake Stand For Cat Lady’s Party


Is it ever before prematurely to start planning your next birthday celebration individual? I absolutely do not think so, which is why I have actually been emotionally gathering ideas for my dream cat-themed May birthday celebration for weeks now. I discovered a few plastic lion, cheetah, and also leopard playthings last month that I took up with the intention of making an event Do It Yourself, however I had not been able to think of an excellent use for them for a couple of weeks. Lastly, it struck me-cake stands!
DIY Wild Cat Cake Stand For Cat Lady's Party2

DIY Wild Cat Cake Stand For Cat Lady's Party3
1. Pierce an opening the dimension of your dowel pole into the top of your plastic animal (my dowl rod was 5/8″ thick, but not all drills can take a drill little bit that big, attempt 1/2″ if your own can’t or look into spade bits). I found it a lot much easier to begin with a smaller sized bit initial and afterwards pierce larger as well as larger holes until you get to your intended size.

2. Pierce an opening the dimension of your dowel rod right into the center of your smaller circle. Stick your dowel rod down right into the rear of your animal and also make a mark where desire your covered stand top to rest. Utilize the hand saw to reduce your dowel rod to that elevation.

3. Place some wood glue in the hole of your smaller sized wood circle as well as stick the dowel pole into the hole. After that adhesive this brand-new item onto the middle bottom of your wooden plate. Permit the glue to totally completely dry.

4. Utilize your spray paint to spray your animal as well as your wood topper (I repainted the top of home plate white, but you do whatever you like!).

5. Follow your fast dry concrete instructions as well as fill your pet virtually to the top. I located a cement split filler that was currently blended in a container at Home Depot, so I would certainly recommend something like that if you could find it.

6. Stick the wood top into the opening and also enable the cement to completely dry (make sure the top is focused as well as straight prior to you allow it dry).
Keep in mind: Because the surface on the top of the plate isn’t food safe, don’t put food directly on the stand. However, cupcakes with liners are great, or merely put some parchment paper under other food you prefer to display.
DIY Wild Cat Cake Stand For Cat Lady's Party4
Tweezed from the wild, these tough felines are currently all set to lug as much sugar as their 4 paws can lug. I can’t wait to make use of these guys at my celebration, but I have a feeling they could make an appearance sooner, considering that I simply can not wait an additional 4 months. Wouldn’t these be so charming with great deals of various other pets as well