Coolest Outdoor Spaces on Instagram For Cats


We enjoy exterior living. Appreciating the early morning sun, napping in the mid-day sunlight and also sunbathing every opportunity we obtain. Wait … that sounds like a normal day for a cat, right? Many thanks to the newest outside room fad, your cat could enjoy exterior living right along with the rest of the family. For felines who wish to obtain their tan on, “catios”– yes, that’s an outdoor patios for cats– are all the rage. The fenced outside spaces are showing up around Instagram, and also we’re enjoying all the elegant features, from square one blog posts, shelves, staircases or even cat-friendly plants.

Coolest Outdoor Spaces on Instagram For Cats

Catios can be found in lots of sizes and shapes, from cages that look like something out of a zoo to mini covered porches. We do not know if we need one, but we’re definitely fascinated. (Image through @teambeauchesne).

Coolest Outdoor Spaces on Instagram For Cats2

You can DIY your very own catio or you can locate business that will certainly custom construct them for you. If you live near an active road or have to handle wild animals like raccoons or prairie wolves, your cat is worthy of the chance to prowl her residential property in safety. Catios possess the added benefit of conserving the local birds and also mice from being hunted in case you’re tired of getting little “gifts.” (Picture using @kahleesithekitty).

Coolest Outdoor Spaces on Instagram For Cats3

Some individuals opt to include a water feature to the area, plants that pet cats appreciate like catnip and yard, a few damaging blog posts and even little bridges, tunnels and stairways. Others are simply a covered cage outside of the kitty door to allow your feline get some fresh air. (Photo by means of @crazylazycatmama).

Coolest Outdoor Spaces on Instagram For Cats4

(Photo via @sleekskeleton)

Would you build an outdoor space just for your cat? Tell us what you think in the comments below!