Cat Lady DIY Project :Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys


Cat scratch toys are professionals at having interior cats, for keeping your cat delighted. It basically boils down to the following: keep them warmer and cozy, offer them lots of love and make sure they get an enough quantity of enjoyment as well as workout daily.

After searching local animal stores, I understood that nothing was fairly up to snuff for me cat enjoys wand toys and also blemish pads, so I determined to make my own versions of these playthings. They were simple and cheap to construct, as well as unlike most plastic toys, I might actually see myself presenting these happily. Yes, I’m a cat lady, yet that doesn’t imply I can not be a sophisticated cat woman. If you have a cost-free afternoon and also some basic woodworking skills, you could easily craft these presents for your feline companions in time for the vacations. Happy crafting, as well as below’s to all felines, nevertheless ornery they might be.:)

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys2

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two 1″ x 3″ x 24″ pieces of wood
mitre box and saw
1/4″ sisal rope
hot glue gun (amazon shop link
neon pink string
leather cord
drill with 3/8″ bit
wood glue
yarn and embroidery thread in a variety of colors
wood beads
wood dowel


For the cat scrape door hanger:

1. Step the boards and make a mark at 22 ″. Cut the boards at a 30-degree angle as well as sand all sides with sandpaper to remove any splinters.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys3

2. Spread out a line of wood adhesive onto the shorter edge of one board.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys4

3. Clamp both pieces together with the sides flush. Use a moist towel to wipe any type of excess adhesive before it dries out.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys5

4. Step a 12 ″ length astride the wood piece and draw a straight line to suggest where the rope will begin and also stop.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys6

5. Run a thin line of adhesive along the drawn line and affixed one end of rope to the rear of the board.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys7

6. Proceed wrapping the rope securely around the board, running a line of glue along the front beneath each previous line of rope as well as pushing the rope right into it to adhere.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys8

7. When the rope is covered completely around the board and also glued into area, link numerous hairs of pink string around the board at various intervals.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys9

8. Drill two little openings near the top of the board (at least 1 ″ in from all sides) for the natural leather hanging cord.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys10

9. Cut a 10 ″ or longer hair of leather cord (relying on where you prepare to hang the cat scratcher) and tie a knot at one end. Thread the cable via the ideal opening from front to back, then back through the left hole to the front. Link a knot at the various other end of the cable to protect.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys11

For the magic pet cat wand:

1. Get numerous different colors of thread and thread, and also begin covering them around your fingers to begin a pom-pom (some people want to utilize forks, which is genius, however I likewise like to utilize my hands– in either case is fine).

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys12

2. Once you have every one of your yarn wrapped around in loops, remove the whole number from your hands a connection a very tight knot (tight as you could obtain it) around the center of the bunch. I favor to make use of the neon string for this task since it is more potent compared to the soft thread and will not break when I draw it actually limited.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys13

3. Snip all the loops in fifty percent, and you will start to see the pom-pom take shape. It will certainly be unpleasant, however, so to return in and also clean it up (and also include fluff), you will certainly need to cut all the ends. You are kind of pruning the pom-pom like a hedge till you feel it has actually gotten to a full, fluffy and also clean shape.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys14

4. Cut a 24 ″ length of leather cord. Thread a sewing needle with any shade string, as well as sew the pom-pom to the end of the leather cable.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys15

5. Cut an 8 ″ piece of natural leather cable and sew a couple of feathers onto the end of it. Slide on a little lightweight bead (air-dried soft clay would be well due to the fact that it’s squishy, but an extremely lightweight timber or plastic bead will work, as well).

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys16

6. Tie the cable with the plumes to the longer leather cord with the p0m-pom, about 6 ″ up from the end, to ensure that both cords finish practically but not exactly at the exact same length.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys17

7. Cut 4 1 ″ items of leather cable for the deal with as well as connect in your adhesive weapon.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys18

8. Place a very small dab of adhesive on the end of the dowel and also lay 2 of the small items of leather over it. Also, put dabs of adhesive on the sides as well as adhere completions of both cables down to the dowel. Repeat with the other two pieces affixed perpendicular to the first. This covers the base of the dowel.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys19

9. Area a really little dab of glue on one corner of the dowel right near the bottom side. Take a lengthy strand of natural leather cord and begin covering it tightly around the dowel, covering the ends of the smaller sized leather pieces that you simply glued down, and continuouslying cover beyond those pieces concerning 4 ″. When you have covered concerning 6 ″ of completion of the dowel, cut off the excess cable and glue down completion to secure.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys20

10. Drill a little opening in the top of the dowel, and string with the cord with the pom-pom and also plume. Tie a knot beyond to safeguard.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys21


11. Include small knots of leather along the cord for cat paws to grab at, consisting of one on top to maintain the cable in position.

Pretty Cat Scratch Pads Toys22

You’re done!

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