Cat Ears Up With Japan’s Cute Kitty Headbands


You would’t need to look badly dressed would you?
With their penchant for self-grooming, cats in many cases are considered to be very clean animals. As such, you might end up feeling the must be similarly well-dressed before your feline company, and these headbands from online retailer Felissimo are here to help you do just that.
Cat Ears Up With Japan’s Cute Kitty Headbands2

The headbands are extra-broad, which has the practical benefit of readily keeping your hair back as you scrub your face. Just as significantly, though, the broad strip of material serves as a foundation for a pair of cat ears that are adorable, helping to further create solidarity.

Cat Ears Up With Japan’s Cute Kitty Headbands3

So yes, there’s an element of doubt here, but happily all five layouts are of cuteness that is comparable.

Cat Ears Up With Japan’s Cute Kitty Headbands4

Oh, and Felissimo will also be happy to supply you with kitty backpacks, gloves, and pullovers, if you are already looking to expand your feline wardrobe. Order this cute headband here now.