Cat Ear HeadPhones With LEDs and External Speakers


Think cat ears are only appropriate for cosplay and on Halloween? Think again!

Thanks to a highly successful crowd funding campaign, these amazingly awesome cat ear headphones are now, after what feels like an age since we first discovered them, hitting the market, and just begging to be worn just about anywhere.

These unique headphones, called Axent Wear, are the brainchild of Wenqing Yan /Yuumei and Victoria Hu, two graduates from the University of California Berkeley, who turned to the crowd funding site Indiegogo to make their design a reality.

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Cat Ear HeadPhones With LEDs and External Speakers2

Their crowd funding campaign was so successful it raised 3 million dollars more than its original goal, enough to fund several other nifty features backers were eager to see.

Each set of headphones comes with built-in LED lights, external cat ear-shaped speakers, detachable gaming mic and cord, over-the-ear cushioning, and rechargeable batteries.

Cat Ear HeadPhones With LEDs and External Speakers3

Sets are available in blue, green, purple, and red. We genuinely don’t know which pair we want most.

Cat Ear HeadPhones With LEDs and External Speakers4

After over a year of campaigning and product tests, the duo were able to secure a manufacturing agreement with American retailer Brookstone, and sets are currently being shipped out to excited backers.

Cat Ear HeadPhones With LEDs and External Speakers5

The headphones can be found on the Brookstone website , where they are listed for US$149.99 each. or shop it from brookstone’s officely amazon store here at $129 each.

We definitely know what we’re asking Santa for this Christmas…