So Adorable! Cats in the Can Shaped Scratching Station


Japan loves its pets, and while the size of Japanese dwellings means your family cat or dog mightn’t have just as much space as it would in the U.S., doting owners here are totally happy to provide creature comforts for their creatures. Having less space in the home can make putting in a full-size scratching post for the kitten kid of tricky, though, especially if you’d like to occasionally move it out of the way for some additional floor space.
Thankfully, what these compact choices give up in size they compensate for in cuteness, with a ring-shaped design decorated like the label of one of Japan popular brands of cat food.
Of course, cats do’t only enjoy filing their claws. As we’ve marking they come across or seen before they’re eager to position themselves at the centre of any such enclosures they’re additionally attracted to circular spaces.
When Twitter user Sayuyasu’s family set this new scratching station inside their family room out, it was a big hit with their pet kitten.

The thing’s appearance is the same as that of pet supply business Aixia’s Kurokan chain of cat food, especially its tuna and bonito mix.
So Adorable! Cats in the Can Shaped Scratching Station2

Given cats’ self- nature that is oriented, it’s not surprising the latecomers were in for a delay.
So Adorable! Cats in the Can Shaped Scratching Station3 On the other hand, if you’re ’s irritated by the fact the “can” says fish but comprises cats although a semantics stickler, there’s additionally this scraping station that correctly states its contents as canned cat that is “ -fashion.” It’s also available at the marginally higher cost of 2,980 here, albeit from Amazon Japan yen.

So Adorable! Cats in the Can Shaped Scratching Station4
▼ Here’s a video of it in use, and no, the cat does’t do anything except look adorable.

So Adorable! Cats in the Can Shaped Scratching Station5 They’re designs that are both cute, and we can picture pet owners having a hard time deciding between the two. You also happen to have more than one kitty, and if you’re in a quandary, though, we’d advocate simply going ahead and ordering both. As the image shared by Sayuyasu reveals, cats are’t consistently the greatest at sharing.